In May 2010 Dartfield opened it’s latest attraction, the professionally built Dartfield Off-Road Course. Please note you have to bring your own vehicle to use the course !

Designed by a team of both civilian and military off-road course designers, the Dartfield Off-Road Course offers a wide variety of challenges to the off-roader no matter what their vehicle or competency level. Designed for use by 4X4 vehicles the Dartfield Off-Road Course is open to both street legal and non-street legal vehicles.

Dartfield 4X4 Off Road Track.

As the only fully insured off-road course in Connacht, the Dartfield Off-Road Course has been widely hailed as a terrific facility for off-roaders from all parts of Ireland. With a camping area, ample parking for trailers, toilets, showers and a coffee shop serving both hot and cold food, Dartfield is an ideal location for a day’s outing or for a weekend event.

The course makes full use of the 350 acres available at Dartfield but the highlight must be the 120 acres of woodland routes. These routes twist and turn between beautifully mature deciduous trees where space is at a premium and the ground uneven and challenging. Exposed roots and stumps test the drivers and vehicles as they navigate between the trees, over boulders and through the gullies and drains thick with mud and peat.

Dartfield 4X4 Off Road Track.Dartfield 4X4 Off Road Track.

The Dartfield Off-Road Course has routes to suit those new to off-roading, the more advanced and also those who prefer to do their off-roading in a more extreme environment. But be warned, the extreme routes are not driveable without recovery gear and a great deal of experience.

Dartfield is also a very convenient base from which to explore the dirt roads and tracks, rivers, fjords, bogs and summits of the nearby Sliebh Aughty mountains, less than 10 miles away on the Galway / Clare border.

The Dartfield Off-Road Course is open to the public 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm and is conveniently located just off the old Dublin to Galway road near Loughrea. Own vehicle required. Cost per vehicle is 30 Euros.

Thanks to Sean Ryan for the 4×4 photos!