Dartfield is a world away from traditional school tours. Forget about leading bored children around a hall full of dusty exhibits. Our school visits are designed specifically to educate, stimulate and fascinate children of all ages. Our education department works alongside the school curriculum to ensure that schools have maximum learning opportunities alongside value for money within a safe and fun environment.

School tours at Dartfield.

David Swift and Dave O’Reilly bring the Vikings, Norman and Medieval times back alive or give the Kids a complete display on the 1916 Independence war.

Teachers are welcome to visit the museum at any time to discuss our programmes and see the facilities. We offer an extensive range of educational programmes, but are always happy to devise a programme to a school’s specifications. The price includes a fully supervised educational programme, all equipment, snack, meal and drink and a free place for accompanying adults. For more details please contact the museum.

School tours at Dartfield.School tours at Dartfield.

Equestrian colleges will be fascinated by a visit to Dartfield Horse Museum and Park. This is the first museum of its kind in the world which deals specifically with the Irish horse and its 5000 year old relationship with man. In order to appreciate the animal that pupils are studying it is essential to be familiar with its background. The performance horse of today had its origins in the humble farmyard. Displays within the museum chart the development of the different Irish breeds. Within the museum complex there are live examples of the Irish breeds, as well as other examples of the world’s favourite breeds. There is also a library, art gallery as well as veterinary exhibits, carriages, farm machinery, harnesses and artefacts from almost every branch of equestrianism. The AV room is also available for lectures and discussion.